I use 'Hardened French Polish' on my guitars...

What is French Polish?

French Polish is really a application technique for building up a finish usually using Shellac. The technique involves applying many very thin layers of finish using a rubbed on process to make a beautiful finish.

What are the advantages of French Polish?

1) A French Polish finish is the least intrusive of finishes typically used for guitars. Lacquer and other stronger finishes (for example plastic) interfere with sound production which is especially important for a classical guitar. These other finishes used on steel string guitars don't have as large on an effect since the steel strings produce much more sound than nylon or gut strings.

2) The French Polish finish is beautiful!

3) A French Polish finish is relatively easy to repair.

What are the disadvantages of French Polish?

1) Although the Shellac finish hardens, it becomes soft with higher temperatures and can dull especially where it contacts the player.

2) Because it is less hard than lacquer and plastic, it doesn't protect the wood as well.

What is hardened French Polish?

A Hardened French Polish finish uses a natural resin added to the Shellac to make it more resistant to heat and damage. The finish retains the beauty, sound characteristics and reparability of standard French Polish but it has resilience more typical of lacquer.
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